Early Learning Centre

Enroll your 2-5 year old in a program just for them!

Each child is unique!

Our experienced Early Childhood Educators observe children’s needs and interests, guide their learning and respect their individuality. Experiences are planned in all developmental areas with children’s needs and interests in mind. Children are encouraged to grow and develop at their own pace while their cognitive, social, emotional, speech and language and fine and gross motor development are nurtured by knowledgeable and caring educators.

Play and learning go hand in hand!

Our classroom is set up to offer plenty of opportunity for child lead and teacher guided learning to take place. Children have ample time to explore the environment on their own, with their friends and with their teachers.

Children are full of life!

Our program includes an hour of active play each day at the Great Big Adventure facility. This provides children with the environment they need to run, climb, jump, skip, roll, slide and be their energetic selves!

Program Day/Times

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm.
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Program Fees